Preserving the Community League Legacy

Discovering our past

Part of the 100th Anniversary Project is bringing to life the amazing history of the EFCL and its community leagues, and the role these grass-roots organizations played in the history of Edmonton and its development. Part of this research will be highlighted on the Community League Plaza in Hawrelak Park, but the majority of it living on the EFCL website. Check out the 100th Anniversary blog on Tumblr for some interesting milestones over the past 95+ years and watch for news when the historical section will be ready for you to discover.


The EFCL was able to hire a talented researcher to do the heavy lifting, but members and leagues are still encouraged to submit their memories and photos relevant to community leagues - just email Please provide your name and community league with your submission.


Major research project completed

Thanks to the Edmonton Heritage Council and the Alberta Government, the EFCL was able to complete a major research project into the history of the EFCL and community leagues, as part of the 100th Anniversary Project.




Date: March 3, 1917

Event: Edmonton’s First Community League

Community League: Crestwood Community League


Date: 1920

Event: Edmonton had nine established community leagues

Community League: 142nd Street (Crestwood-1917), Bonnie Doon (1918), South Side (1918), Westmount (1919), Riverdale (1920), West Edmonton (1920), Forest Heights (1920), Bennett School (1920)


Date: January 24, 1921

Event: Original nine community leagues united to create EFCL


Date: April/May 1926

Event: “Clean up, Plant up, Paint up” Campaign by 14 Community Leagues and the Edmonton Bulletin


Date: March, 1934

Event: EFCL opposes new city streetcar fares on the grounds that it discriminated against the poor.


Date: 1952

Event: First EFCL Talent Show, which is now the Edmonton Youth Talent Show, produced by Terwillegar Riverbend Advisory Council (TRAC) under the direction of the Riverbend, Brookview and The Ridge community leagues.



Date: 1963

Event: There are now 82 leagues representing communities in Edmonton 

Memorable moments

Many of us grew up in the community league environment; it's where we learned to skate, play soccer, made new friends and as we got older, discovered what it was like to become a part of such a great movement by volunteering. Many have shared their special memories with us, and we invite you to visit the Memory Moments page to see if any of these are your memories too. You can even submit your own special memories.

Community leagues are an important part of Edmonton's history

Westmount Na-Poos Jr. team - 1937 Edmonton Girls Softball Champs

The EFCL encourages leagues to start gathering their historical pictures, stories and memorabilia. The City of Edmonton Archives will assist leagues to sort and store, so your community league history is captured, safe and accessible to all the individuals or organizations who want to learn and be inspired by your humble and remarkable past!


Several community leagues have already donated and EFCL will be working with the archive to access special league memories in anticipation of the 100 year celebrations to come.

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