Green Leagues: EFCL Solar and Energy Efficiency Program

The EFCL and the City of Edmonton partnered to host a number of *workshops in 2016 and one in 2017, on advancing green strategies for community leagues. As community leaders, the goal of the workshops was to provide resources and knowledge for leagues to set an example for energy efficiency to help inspire energy sustainablility at a household level.


The workshops covered a number of topics, including:

  • Greening Your Neighbourhood: A workshop on community sustainability planning
  • Here Comes the Sun: The basics of solar photovoltaic (PV)
  • Saving Energy, Saving Carbon, Saving Money: An introduction to energy efficiency
  • and Paying for Your Dreams: Funding your energy transition project


*Please stay tuned for more information and opportunities this coming year.

What they learned

Attendees learned about the efficiency of proper lighting for their rinks and community halls.

The workshops kicked off with an introduction to the City's Community Energy Trainsition Strategy. With an understanding of what the city’s goals were, attendees were challenged to identify their own league’s sustainability goals and what projects or initiatives would help get them achieve these goals.


By identifying these goals at the beginning and with the knowledge gained at each workshop, league reps were able to put together sensible and achievable plans based on their league’s objectives.


Some of the highlights of the workshops included discovering how renewable energy technology works and how it could play a role as a potential revenue generator to simple upgrades and swaps to reduce energy bills, attendees also learned about a variety of funding sources and how to fill out grant applications that are specifically for energy infrastructure. (please visit our Grants page)


Through the Green Leagues program, attendees also had the opportunity to receive an amazing deal on solar site assessments and energy efficiency audits. These audits and assessments provide valuable information for leagues to help them determine what they should be focusing on in terms of greening their existing halls.


Site assessments and energy audits are also required when applying for grants and to be eligible for the Green Leagues: Energizing Communities Award.

Session One:

Here comes the sun:

Basics of Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

Session Two:

Saving Energy, Saving Carbon, Saving Money:

 An introduction to energy efficiency



The unexpected rewards and awards

The fall workshop series hosted 32 participants and there were representatives from 16 leagues that are considering sustainability upgrades in their neighbourhood. For each participant that attended all four workshops, each was awarded a certificate from the City of Edmonton recognizing them as an Energy Transition Ambassadors for their community.  EFCL congratulations them for taking this first important step!

All leagues that participate in the workshops series, and have the information from the audits and site assessments, will have the opportunity to apply for additional green project funding.  The application forms that confirm a league is "project ready" will be entered into a Green Leagues: Energizing Communities Award  - a draw for $15,000 that one lucky league will be able to put towards their energy saving upgrades, courtesy of ENMAX.

Meet the 14 new Sustainability Ambassadors - attendees who went to all four workshops.

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