Come and join us for our Energy 101 Workshop Series! Each workshop focuses on a particular subject to help you help your community league on its path towards energy efficiency and solar panels. Those that attend all of the dates provided will become fully trained Energy Transition Ambassadors!

Community Sustainability Planning on September 26th, 6pm - 8pm


This session will start with identifying the risks to Edmonton communities from climate change and an introduction of Edmonton’s Community Energy Transition Strategy. From there group will be challenged to identify the sustainability goals they trying to reach and what projects/initiatives will get them there. What are their values? How far does the group want to go? Riverdale Community League will share their sustainability journey with the group.


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The Basics of Solar Photovoltaic on October 10th, 6pm - 8pm


An introduction to the renewable energy technology and how it could be implemented in a league building. This session will cover a basic introduction to how the technology works, the economics, connecting/selling power to the grid. The Solar Power Investment Cooperative of Edmonton will deliver this workshop and Queen Alexandra Community League will tell their solar story. 


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An Intro to Energy Efficiency on October 3rd, 6pm - 8pm


An exploration of the easily adopted electrical energy efficiency upgrades that could be undertaken by leagues, including efficient lighting in the building and rinks, light sensors, emergency lighting, power bars, etc. The energy audits process will be covered, as will a discussion about benchmarking building energy performance so that leagues can compete against one another to improve their building’s energy efficiency. Additionally, the Green League’s energy auditors, Generate Energy, will share the lessons they have learned from the many community league halls they have audited. 


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Funding Your Energy Projects on October 17th, 6pm - 8pm


A workshop dedicated to discussing the different funding sources, such as the Community Leagues Infrastructure Program Grant, EcoCity Edmonton, Energy Efficiency Alberta, MCCAC, etc. that are available to leagues to pay for these upgrades.


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