Community Partners

Edmonton is blessed with a number of community organizations and associations whose missions parallel the community league movement in terms of its mission to build healthier, safer neighbourhoods for everyone. Many of these groups are looking to work with community leagues in a number of ways to support the great work leagues do.


*Please note that we will continue to add to this list as opportunities arise.

For those looking to add something a little off the beaten path and slightly wild, consider starting a Nature Club for your community. You will have access to a backpack of activities and online resources that will make getting back to nature fun and exciting. Contact INNOVATE coordinator, Aaron Dublenko by email for more details and to get your program started today.


Seniors built the communities we live in today – through their volunteerism, dedication and hard work. Now it’s their turn to have fun. Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council provides tools and resources that leagues can use to develop or expand their own seniors’ programming.  

Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch (ENW) offers a number of ways to provide passive crime-prevention in communities. If your league is considering a neighbourhood watch program, get in touch with ENW for more information on getting started and to work with ENW to ensure success.

Part of the Alberta Recreation & Parks Association, Communities ChooseWell is all about healthy, active lifestyles. For leagues looking to develop more programming or clubs that revolves around these principles, connect with ChooseWell for ideas, tool kits and much more.  

Inspiration for welcoming everyone in your community

The cultural mosaic of communities is everchanging and the beauty of community leagues is the all inclusive nature of the community league movement. From hosting multi-ethnic potlucks to entertainment nights, there are a number of ways to invite everyone to be a part of your community league. Connect with one or all of the following:


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