Welcome to EFCL!

Welcome to EFCL!

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Keeping up to date

EFCL Supports During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Thanks for your patience with us at the EFCL as you have likely seen more communication from us than usual in the last few weeks. We wanted to take some time to let you know what we are doing to support you.


Monitoring and sharing the current situation


Our staff are monitoring public health announcements to determine what seems most relevant to Community Leagues. We are aiming to share these updates as they are released. We appreciate that Leagues may have questions about these updates and welcome your questions to communications@efcl.org.


We have created a checklist that provides guidance for the Stage 2 reopening that can be accessed here.


Providing a digital space to meet


Service Alberta has announced that deadlines are suspended for corporations, partnerships, cooperatives and non-profit organizations to hold annual general meetings and file their annual returns. This notice is posted here.


At the EFCL, we (like many others) have the ability to help you hold your meetings digitally. We have been working with our partners and most Leagues can hold their AGM through an online platform. If you need this support please contact liz.laurence@efcl.org.


The meeting technology we use for our meeting support is a Zoom product. There has been some coverage around some of the challenges with online meetings. Zoom talks about protecting your online meeting from unwanted guests in this article. They talk about the technical side of their web security in this article.


We also want to connect directly with you, so we are holding regular meetings to listen to your needs, respond to your questions and come up with a plan of how the EFCL can continue its support of Leagues over the next few months.


Presidents and EFCL Liaison's Meetings.


Our previous meetings can be viewed at the links below.


Tuesday, March 24th at 7pm - View the Recording          View the Notes

Thursday, March 26 at 12pm - View the Recording          View the Notes

Thursday, April 16 at 7pm        View the Recording          View the Notes

Tuesday, May 19 at 12pm         View the Recording         View the Notes

Tuesday, May 19 at 7pm          View the Recording          View the Notes

Hall and Facility managers meetings.


Our previous meetings can be viewed at the links below.


Wednesday, March 25th at 12pm - View the Recording          View the Notes

Thursday, March 26th at 7pm -       View the Recording          View the Notes

Thursday, April 23 at 7pm -             View the Recording          View the Notes


Membership Director's Meeting

Our previous meetings can be viewed at the links below.


Thursday, May 21 at 7pm               View the Recording          View the Notes


Community League Day Brainstorming


Monday, June 15 at 7pm       Recording               Notes

Tuesday, June 16 at Noon    Recording                Notes


Planning & Development News


There have been several changes around planning & development that are available to view here.


Sharing the success of your work


The work that you are doing at this time for your League and on your block is so important, and we want to let everyone know about it. If you have a Community League initiative you’d like the EFCL to let people know about, please email communications@efcl.org or tag us on Twitter @EFCL or Facebook @yegCLs, and we’ll get the word out. 


We also want to understand and measure how much people are doing for each other during this time. If you’re helping your neighbours, no matter how big or small the act, we want to hear about it. Visit cityzenconnect.ca to tell us what you’re up to, and help us tell the story of people supporting each other.


Business as usual


We are also working remotely to continue to support you with all of the resources and support that you are used to being able to access.  Our office will remain closed at this time.


With all the success of our Tipi Teachings programs over the last 6 months, Rayna has created an online learning series for you to use with your family and friends during this time.  Visit the EFCL Indigenous Projects Facebook page to watch the first video now.


Funding Opportunities

The Government of Canada’s $350 million Emergency Community Support Fund is now open. The Emergency Community Support Fund supports community organizations helping vulnerable people during the COVID-19 crisis. Community organizations may seek funds to undertake a wide range of activities and to serve a wide range of vulnerable groups. Full information on this grant is available here.


If you need assistance with funding applications, contact Liz Laurence in our office.


There is currently a pause on the Community Initiatives Program offered through Alberta Culture, Multiculturalism, and the Status of Women. Applications from the January 2020 intake have been cancelled and no new applications are being taken at this time.

Federal Employment Supports

Canada Emergency Response Benefit

Yesterday, the federal government announced a new benefits program. It has replaced the previously announced Emergency Care Benefit and Emergency Support Benefit with the Canada Emergency Response Benefit Essentially it will provide a benefit payment of up $2000 a month to employees who are not receiving income due to COVID-19. The benefit will be available starting April 6. The current details are available here.


Wage Subsidies


The government has put in place a Temporary Wage Subsidy program. This allows small businesses and non-profits to claim 10% of their paid wages as a reduction in the tax remitted to the government. The information on this subsidy is available here


The details of the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy are now available here. The subsidy provides a 75-per-cent wage subsidy to eligible employers for the period of March 15, 2020 to the end of August 2020. Nonprofits and Charities are eligible and they can omit government funding from their revenue calculations if they choose to.


Work Share Plan


The government has announced that the Federal Work Share program applies to businesses that are struggling due to COVID-19, this allows organizations to reduce the hours for a group of employees doing similar work to apply for Employment Insurance benefits to top up their salary to the normal non-shared amount. This benefit is available now and information is available here.

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