Alberta Gaming Gives Green Light to Construction Funding

Nov. 10, 2015 - The Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues is pleased to announce that Alberta Gaming is now allowing leagues to using gaming revenues for the construction or renovation of all league facilities.


This would include halls, rinks, courts, parking lots – anything that a league might build on its licensed land.


This rule change has just recently come into effect, following a review by Alberta Gaming staff.  The fact that leagues own these facilities, as outlined in their tripartite license agreement, was a key factor in the commission’s decision, the EFCL was told.


The federation believes this change will help a number of leagues come up with the dollars they need to match government grants on big ticket projects.


Leagues still need permission from Alberta Gaming to hold funds for longer than two years.  Alberta Gaming would also like to see a business plan prepared for major projects, prior to the funds being spent.

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