Create your Community Vision. A pilot project to empower communities with different people with various backgrounds in a networking grid with EFCL logo

Community Visioning

A Pilot Project to Empower Communities

The Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (EFCL) wants to empower people to create communities they love.


Community leagues both respond to their community’s needs, as well as manage communication with the other stakeholders who are looking to create change in their neighbourhoods, including the City, builders, and developers.


But often communities find themselves in a bind when it comes to effectively creating the kind of changes they want to see. How can they make their communities into places where they love to live? How can communities be more proactive, and less reactive? How can they respond effectively to challenging development proposals? What is the scope of what individual communities can do, given the constraints of provincial legislation and overarching municipal policies and regulations?


The EFCL believes these are important questions to ask and answer. As a result, we’re launching a project to create a Community Vision with a pilot community, as well as a toolkit and template so that other communities can follow suit and create their own Community Vision, too.


The benefits of creating a Community Vision are many:


  1. creates common goals that everyone can work towards, which helps with volunteer attraction and retention, community spirit, and community engagement,
  2. ensures good use of league resources (grants, time, money),
  3. effectively expresses what makes your community unique,
  4. helps communities respond more easily to land development applications, and
  5. proactively advocates for and attracts the kind of development communities want.

Winner Announced

We are very pleased to announce that Dovercourt Community League has been selected as EFCL's pilot community for the Community Visioning project. We received many strong applications and appreciate the effort made to submit an expression of interest. We hope the Community Vision Toolkit that results from this work will lead to many Community Visions over the coming years! Stay tuned as the project unfolds.

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