Welcome to EFCL!

Welcome to EFCL!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Community League Plaza be open for public use?


We expect the Plaza to be mostly complete by the end of May 2020 and open to the public to use after that time.


Does the Community League Plaza need to be reserved to use?


While the Plaza will be open generally, if you want to use it exclusively for a specific event, then booking it is suggested. Call 311 to make your booking as the Plaza will be operated by the City of Edmonton.


Why is the Community League Plaza being built in Hawrelak Park?  


This location is a central site for all of our communities to access. Hawrelak Park hosts thousands of visitors each year and will continue to do so for many years to come. In consultation with city administrators it was identified as an underutilized area that could benefit from restoration. Here, we can make a great contribution worthy of the historic contribution we endeavour to honour. In this beautiful river valley nook we can create an attractive amenity as a gift to the city and establish a lasting tribute. This will go a long way to keeping our valued Community League system strong and thriving.  


Why is the Community League Plaza important?


As you may well know, Edmonton was the first city nationally to adopt a community league system.  Today we are well known internationally as a model for a community engagement system that has had a profoundly positive effect on the quality of life for our residents. Edmonton residents enjoy an unparalleled level of amenities, services, and programs locally because of the passionate efforts of community league volunteers.  


Right now, we know that community leagues are struggling with increased regulation and complexity in every service they provide and they are challenged with an overburdened volunteer pool. This project is an attempt to give some very worthy recognition for 100 years of volunteer service and to promote and inspire future generations to stay engaged in community matters.  


Is there really going to be a fireplace to use?


Yes, when the Community League Plaza is reserved for use, a request can be made to have access to the fireplace lock box. The fireplace is operated with natural gas, which is supplied but requires access to use.


How do you find the Plaza at Hawrelak?


The Community League Plaza is located nearest the south central side of Hawrelak Park. It can be accessed from all sides of the Plaza by paths and walkways. In winter, pond access for ice skaters will also be available; that’s correct, you can skate right up to the steps leading from the pond to the Plaza.

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