General Project Timeline

We are set to be mostly constructed by May 2020! It's been quite a ride to get here! If you are curious about all the details, please take a look and download the full General Project Overview PDF (December 2019).

100th Anniversary Project Overview 100th anniversary project

We started in 2011 with a vision to create something wonderful for our 2021 centennial anniversary.


We decided to build a lasting, tangible, capital project in honour of the volunteers and contributors of our community leagues.


We made a choice to develop an amenity in Hawrelak Park, one of Edmonton's largest and most central park spaces.

Happily, we are being generously supported.


Our member Leagues approved a five-year funding commitment from every League, totalling $314,000.


City council unanimously approved a motion to fund $600,000 in the 2015-2017 Capital Budget and another $750,000 in 2019.


We received $500,000 from the Government of Alberta in 2015 and in 2019 we received a $1 million grant as well.

Construction on the Community League Plaza began in the fall of 2019.


The Community League Plaza celebrates 100 years of cherished community memories. One hundred years of friendships made and recreational activities enjoyed. It celebrates who we are - a city of neighbours that believe in and create community.

Construction continues into 2020!


Construction on the Community League Plaza is scheduled to be mostly complete by May 2020. In the meantime, the area is fenced off to the public.

What's Next?


With the Community League Plaza we hope to inspire our future community members to create another 100 years of fun, caring community experiences.


Fyi, the EFCL's Community League Plaza isn't a part of of the City of Edmonton's William Hawrelak Park Rehabilitation Project, and construction of our Plaza will be finished long before construction begins on the Park Rehabilitation.

What the Project is and Why it is Important (PDF)


We want to hear from you! Do you have questions about the Community League Plaza? Do you have stories to share? Please email and we will be happy to chat.

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