Leagues Alive October 20, 2018 Robbins Health Learning Centre, MacEwan University

Leagues Alive on October 20, 2018 at Robbins Health Learning Centre



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This full-day session will provide community league board members with an opportunity to build their skills and improve their processes to ensure they can operate as a highly effective team.


The day will have a total of 3 training sessions, a networking session, and lunch. Bring your whole board to develop the skills and common language highly successful boards need.


Detailed outlines of all sessions are available on the Leagues Alive Eventbrite page. Session selection will be processed during the checkout process on Eventbrite.

Agenda and Parking Map

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Session 1 Selections

• Eligibility and Gaming Licensing
• Waste Management & Recycling in Your Community
• Building Board Diversity
• Effective Intercultural Practice Pt 1
• Membership Mechanics

Session 2 Selections

• Creating Welcoming League Spaces
• Recognizing Greatness, Rewarding Your Volunteers 
• Resilient Landscapes for Resilient Communities: Weathering the Future
• Effective Intercultural Practice Pt 2
• Hall Safety

Session 3 Selections

• The EFC who? Explaining the Role of the EFCL
• Partnership & Collaboration
• Move & Play Through Physical Literacy
• Bookkeeping: Supporting Community Leagues
• Green Conversations: Talking About Sustainability


The information presented at past Leagues Alive conferences is available on the Leagues Alive Resources page.

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