LGBTQ+ Project

For the summer of 2019, the EFCL hired Hope Jubenvill as a LGBTQ+ Project Lead summer student in order to help facilitate a more inclusive and respectful enviroment for the LGBTQ+ community in Community Leagues as well as to address certain barriers that may prevent engagement. 

A Statement and Show of Support

As part of an effort to create a safe space for the LGBTQ community amongst the Community Leagues, a statement and a series of posters were created that could be displayed in community halls, denoting that the Community League and its hall are safe and respectful of the LGBTQ community. 




  • All EFCL Example Versions can be found here.


For individual versions and to have a specific Community League named at the top of a poster, please email 

Creating More LGBTQ+ Inclusive Programs: A Resource

In order to help address both gaps in knowledge that may exist for those running programs, and barriers that exist for those particpating in programs, this resource was designed to help educate and instruct on how to make programs more inclusive for the LGBTQ+ community. 


This resource is laid out in to 7 parts, each addressing a different thing. The first four pages are divided between a more in-depth explanation of the project and key terms related to the LGBTQ+ community. Following that is three sections of advice, which would be "General", "Sport Specific" and "Job Specific". Finally the last two sections are training resources and references. 


The resource can be accessed here. 

Page 1/10 of Resource

Page 5/10 of Resource

Page 9/10 of Resource

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