Get to know your neighbours!

Did you receive an EFCL door hanger? Great!

This summer of 2017 the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues has launched a new pilot project between the months of June to August called the neighbour to neighbour campaign! Our volunteers will be coming door to door to visit you in your community. Sharing with Edmontonian’s events and programs held by their league and how you can get involved in the action!  The ECFL has selected 8 community leagues to participate this summer.

When are we in your community?


Hodgson Community League (June 12-21)

Killarney (June 17-29)

Fraser (July 4-July15)

Delton (July 10-23)

Idylwylde (July 17-July 31)

North Millbourne (Aug 1-15)

Allendale (Aug 8-21)

Community leagues are a great way to get involved in your neighborhood and allow for many benefits as a member such as the discount at recreation centres and free skating on outdoor rinks. Community leagues also develop key community infrastructure like playgrounds, spray parks, community halls and run children’s sports programs such as soccer.

Purchasing a membership to your community league is an easy way to meet your neighbours and make great things happen for your community.

Find your community league using the EFCL league directory


The EFCL is always looking for volunteers! If you're interested in helping your community league through the Neighbour to Neighbour campaign, contact Bryce Selzler and Erynn Jacobs.


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