Edmontonians love their outdoor community league rinks!

2nd Annual Outdoor Rink Contest

We have two categories this year - board rinks and snow bank rinks.

And the rules were simple:

  • the ice must be safe and the rink open permanently for the season
  • leagues can only submit for one (1) category: board rinks or snowbank rinks
  • be the *first (1st) to send a photo of the finished ice with skaters, along with hours of operation, to communications@efcl.org

*In the event of two or more leagues opening on the same day, we will do a draw for first place.

Drum roll! Our winner for the board category is....

Lorelei Beaumaris Community League!


Lorelei Beaumaris's president, Sonya Harriott tells EFCL that their rink manager, Duncan Hoult has been working very hard for the last two weeks to get the league's two rinks ready and opened. 


The league has two board rinks - one for hockey (cement-based) and one for general skating (grass-based); due to Duncan's hard work - they are both officially open for the season.


Congratulations to Duncan and to Lorelei Beaumaris CL for being the first league to open its board rink for the 2016/2017 season.  

Playing hockey at Crestwood Community League in its early days.

2nd place to Crestwood Community League who opened on Nov. 25.

Crestwood is the oldest community league and will turn 100 years old in 2017.

Crestwood then and now

Today - the community is still playing pick-up hockey and enjoying family skates on the league rink.

3rd place in the Board category goes to McCauley Community League who kept us entertained with progress reports!

On Nov 24, it was only good enough for the birds.

Nov. 25, Howie gave it his approval, but it still wasn't good enough.

McCauley officially opened its rink on Nov. 28 with approval from members from the Oilers and Oilkings.

And in the Snow Bank category....



Grandview Heights Community League comes up a winner!


Winners of the 2015/2016 Who Will Open 1st contest, Grandview retained bragging rights for being the first league to open its snow bank rink - a new category this year. 





Runner-up - Horse Hill Community League


Horse Hill's snow bank rink was ready just before Christmas. Perfect timing for the holiday break, when many of the neighbourhood kids, like this little fella, were able to spend their days skating. 





*If your league is hosting special winter events (even just a Sunday skate & hot dog party) this winter, please make sure to register them so we can help promote them. Click Here to register

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