Edmonton Leagues Alive Networking

Leagues Alive 2019 Resources

Building the Board You Are Ready For by David Feldman

Creating a Sense of Ownership in Your Community by Teresa Marshall and David Dodge

Creating Resilient Neighbourhoods by Howard Lawrence

Fundraising Essentials by Yvonne Chennier and Betty Thompson

HR Basics by Yvonne Chennier and Betty Thompson

Introduction to Social Innovation by Daniela Seiferling and Graeme Dearden

Keeping Your Organization Healthy by Yvonne Chennier and Betty Thompson

League Programs: Relevant, Active, and Fun by Laura Cunningham-Shpeley

Meeting Leadership Skills by Gord Sheppard

Membership Mechanics by Joanne Booth

Project Management for Your Renewables Project by Michael Barnard

Screening Volunteers In, Not Out by Graeme Dearden and Barb Hudkins

Techniques for Community Engagement by Stephanie Kovach

This Place Matters by David Johnston

Tripartite License Agreement by Laura Cunningham-Shpeley and Chantile Shannon

Working Collectively: Valuing the Assets in Our Community by Debbie Clark

Leagues Alive 2018 Resources

Membership Mechanics by Joanne Booth

Gaming Elligibility by Kim Pearce

Supporting League Bookkeeping by Jennifer Allen

The EFC Who by Laura Cunningham-Shpeley

Effective Intercultural Practice by Elli Dehnavi

Green Conversations by Ronak Patel

Partnerships & Collaboration by Nora Begoray

Recognizing Greatness, Rewarding Volunteers by Sheida Azimi and Zhenya Tretiakova

Resilient Landscapes for Resilient Communities by Leta van Duin

Edmonton's Waste System by Neil Burkard and Cameron Grayson


Leagues Alive 2017 resources

Watch sessions from Leagues Alive 2017 on YouTube.

PDFs of the presentations at Leagues Alive are also available to download. Click the Leagues Alive Resources folder below to get started.

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