Welcome Rosenthal Community League

Edmonton Rosenthal Community League is the 158th Community League in Edmonton!

Rosenthal folks at a BBQ in front of a playground for Community League Day, Sept. 2018

We had a chance to chat with Paul, Rosenthal CL Steering Committee Chair, and Dana, Communications Chair, and asked a few questions about the formation of Edmonton's newest League.

Why did Rosenthal want to form a Community League? 
There are so many great things about a Community League! Advocating for neighbourhood interests to the City, creating space to develop a sense of connection and belonging, encouraging physical health and fun through sports and other activities, and working together to keep our neighbourhood safe are just some of the main motivations.

Being a new community, we have unique challenges and interests that may differ from the more established communities surrounding us. We felt it was very important to put the work into creating our own league that would give us a stronger voice and ability to advocate for and champion the needs of our community.

What surprises, if any, came up during the process? 
That there is already a Rosenthal Community League! There is a community of Rosenthal in the City of Spruce Grove, and they have already established the Rosenthal Community League. Despite being located relatively close to each other, we were surprised to learn that there was a Rosenthal Community League in existence when we did a name search before submitting our bylaws for registration. As a result, we chose the name of Edmonton Rosenthal Community League for our group.

The support we received from those outside of the community was a pleasant and appreciated surprise. Various businesses (both large and small), organizations (including the EFCL), and other community league members were all so supportive and helpful in propelling us forward. The commitment by both the EFCL and the City of Edmonton's Neighbourhood Resource Coordinator was incredible - a lot of evening and weekend work and timely responses to our questions.

The range of expertise we had in our small steering committee! It was a beautiful representation of a range of skillsets (advocacy, networking, financial, communication, etc.), which set us up for success in getting us to the point we are now.


What are the next steps for Rosenthal Community League?

Our first annual general meeting (AGM)! We have received notice that our bylaws have been registered, and we are now planning our first AGM to officially form the community league and elect a board. We hope to have our AGM in the spring and we are looking forward to celebrating!


What is your advice for other Edmonton neighbourhoods wanting to form a Community League?

Form a great relationship with both the EFCL and the City of Edmonton's Neighbourhood Resource Coordinator. Both were invaluable resources in navigating the relatively uncommon process of establishing a community league.

Use social media to form a sense of community online, and to identify the interest that people might have in putting the work into forming a community league. It's necessary to have a good level of involvement from other community residents, or all the work of a few people will go unfulfilled.

EFCL Offices:

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