Community League Day


Community League Day for 2016 takes place  Saturday, Sept. 17.

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Memories from 2015's many events

2015 was all about working together to build better communities

EFCL Community League Day 2015 media launch

Councillors, EFCL board members, EFCL sponsors and staff braved a rainy day to officially launch Community League Day at Churchill Square Sept. 15, 2015

Working together was the theme of the EFCL's 2015 media launch to officially kick off Community League Day, and it produced some fierce competition and hilarious moments for those watching.


With the help of United Cycle, two teams made up of councillors, sponsors and EFCL board members went head to head in a relay race that incorporated elements that community leagues often include in their ommunity League Day events - BBQ, obstacle course and football toss. Bragging rights and the ultimate #yegCLDay Champion trophy were at stake.

The coveted #yegCLDay Champion trophy

While Team Blue, made up of Councillor Dave Loken, Northlands' Darryl Szafranski and EFCL board member, Ron Favell gave it their best shot, it was Team Red - Councillor Andrew Knack, EFCL board member, Rob Agostinis and FC Edmonton's Austin Berry who lifted the trophy above their heads in celebration.


Sept. 15 was not the greatest day in terms of weather, but the EFCL would like to thank councillors Mike Nickel, Tony Caterina, Dave Loken, Andrew Knack, Ed Gibbons, EPSB trustee, Michael Janz, Rod Proudfoot and the folks from FC Edmonton, Geneva Tetreault from REALTORS Association of Edmonton, Darryl Szafranski of Northlands, United Cycle's Kelly Hodgson and Kasandra Bracken, and our EFCL volunteers for coming out and braving the rain and cold to make the event a success.


And to the media, a big thank you to those who were able to attend; your coverage helps a great deal in promoting Community League Day and the community league spirit to everyone in Edmonton.


Check out this hilarious Community League Day video from a few of the many community events that took place throughout Edmonton in 2013, and to see what happened last year, click Community League Day 2014.

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