EFCL Community Walking Program

...find fitness, friends and fun!

Leagues, visit our resource guide by clicking the image above.

With the support of a Recreation and Physical Activity Grant from Alberta Tourism and Culture, EFCL is offering the support communities need to start a walking program. Twenty community leagues have received leadership training through Urban Poling, plus Urban Poling start-up kits.


But it's not just about Nordic pole walking. If your community is interested in other forms of walking initiatives – we have support and resources for that too!


Walking is a growing trend in phsyical fitness and Community League Walking Programs are great way to particpate and meet your neighbours. 

Walking with others

We are training and supporting volunteers to be Community League Walking Group organizer – take the first step to find fitness, friends and fun!


One of the best motivators for regular walking is to walk with a group

 - Get to know others in your community

 - Get active and improve your health

 - Appropriate for all ages and abilities

 - Familiarize yourself with the resources and amenities of your community

 - Appreciate vitamin ‘N’ature

 - Reduce crime by residents being visible on the street

League member gets some training from EFCL program coordinator, Allyson Szafranski, on using Nordic-style walking poles.


Community leagues are supported through:

 - Access to 10 sets of Urban Poles to get your community started

 - Get two fitness poling training sessions with Urban Poling right in your community

 - Host a "Try it" Day!  Invite your community to come out and try urban poling – EFCL Community Walking Coordinator will attend and teach and demonstrate urban poling.

 - Access to fitness pole (Urban Poling) Leadership Training (4-hour course)

 - On-going support and resources, from EFCL Community Walking Coordinator

 - A centralized refresher course at the completion of community sessions to encourage momentum and gather feedback.

Upcoming events

Save this date - Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2017


It's Winter Walk Day in Alberta


Forget the weather - let's get out, embrace our winter and participate in the province-wide winter walk. You can join some of the EFCL staff at the AB Leg or join up with fellow Edmontonians at the City of Edmonton's walk, which starts at Noon. Or...hold your own event and promote it on social media.


Download this poster and create an event for your community - register it and you are on your way. Make sure to be part of the social media action as well. Take pictures and post/tweet while out walking on Feb. 1! Include the hashtags #WinterWalkDay and #YEG


Current community leagues walking programs

Check out this CTV video and if you'd like to see how the #LeagueWalking programs are doing, contact one of the current participating community leagues below. Maybe you can join one for a "walk along!"

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