Community League Walking Program

Community League Walking Program

Walking is an activity appropriate for individuals of all ages and most physical fitness levels. One of the best motivators for regular walking is to walk with a group, which makes it a great community program that has the potential to foster holistic community wellness.

Some of the benefits of a community walking program include:

  • Improving your physical and psychological health
  • Getting to know others in your neighbourhood
  • Familiarizing yourself with the resources and amenities of your community
  • Appreciating vitamin ‘N’ature
  • Reducing crime by residents being visible on the street

In 2016, the EFCL received a Recreation and Physical Activity Project Grant from Alberta Culture and Tourism to promote and support walking programs in community leagues. Through this grant, the EFCL supported 20 community leagues in launching the Urban Poling program – a walking workout with poles.


To continue to expand our efforts, two Urban Poling leadership training sessions have been organized for spring 2018. Be sure to visit the Seminars and Workshops page and register to find fitness, friends, and fun!

Current community league walking programs

Aspen Gardens CL

Alberta Avenue CL

Beacon Heights CL

Bellevue CL

Blue Quill CL

Brookview CL

Highlands CL

Laurier Heights CL

Mayfield CL

Newton CL

Oliver CL

Wedgewood CL

Pleasantview CL

Strathcona CL



Check out this CTV video about the #LeagueWalking program and stay tuned to this page for updates in 2018!


Thank you to the Edmonton Sport Council and Urban Poling for assisting with the revitalization of the Community League Walking Program.

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