Dedicated, diverse and involved

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The EFCL staff is dedicated to the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues and to the community league movement. Each brings considerable skills, expertise and experience to their jobs that benefit both the EFCL and the community leagues. 


They are active with their own community leagues, either holding a board position, involved in a committee or volunteering to help at events as needed. This enables them to stay connected with what is important to leagues and how they, in their role as EFCL staff, can improve the support systems that are in place for leagues and their continued growth.


You can always reach us by email, or come visit us at 7103-105 St., Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or phone 780-437-2913.



Meet the EFCL Staff

Debra Jakubec

Executive Director


Debra has 15 years experience in the not-for-profit industry in a number of leadership roles and has a solid understanding of building community capacity. Having been both staff and board member, her expertise of being on both sides of the fence is a definite asset to the EFCL.

Joanne Booth

Asst. Director & Membership Development


Joanne has 25 years office administrative experience. Her duties include office management, events and planning. Joanne also manages membership services to our leagues, and manages the online membership sales. She is very familiar with all aspects of league management having, at one time or another, held most of the positions at her home league of Strathcona Centre

Bailey Mayor

Receptionist & Assist. Office Administration 


Bailey has worked with multiple non-profit organizations in various roles, including office administration. She is outgoing, organized, cheerful, and maybe too positive to boot. She looks forward to meeting and providing information and service to our members and the general public.

Kyra Brown

Leadership Project Coordinator


By day, Kyra is a project manager and organizational facilitator who has recently moved into one-on-one coaching and personal development. She has also served and volunteered as part of her community league/s, and is currently board member for Aspiring Women in Leadership and Legacy (AWiLL). In everything she does, Kyra makes it a priority to ensure that women, marginalized groups and indigenous populations are given opportunities to be part of a successful community. “My interest is in understanding how we can come to the table and participate in creating effective change by innovative solution-orientated collaborations; creating synergies that work for everyone.” she says.


Charlotte Grandy

Energy Transition Officer


Charlotte is a sustainability professional who always wishes she was better at being sustainable. Charlotte has worked on several green building construction projects which gives her an understanding of green building and best practices. With a Master’s in Environment and Sustainability, and a LEED Green Associate Certification she can find the best green building solutions out there. 


Bev Zubot

Planning Advisor


Bev works one on one with leagues who have local planning and development issues they need to address.  With the help of the elected EFCL Planning Committee, she works on the development of position papers and advice regarding major issues effecting the majority of Community Leagues.

Nora Begoray

Marketing & Business Development Director 


Nora has worked with several charities, non-profit organizations and her own community league of Parkallen, organizing events, programs, redevelopment projects, donations and fundraising initiatives. Nora is the lead staffer at the EFCL for the 100th Anniversary Project, manages sponsorship opportunities and plans many of the public participation events.

Jasmin P. Joe

Communications Officer


Jasmin is the most recent staff member to join the EFCL and has a background in communications and graphic design. 

She has volunteered with several diverse non-profit organizations in Edmonton's arts and music communities, including a music festival. 

Jasmin graduated with diplomas in Public Relations and Digital Arts and Media from MacEwan University. If you have a question about social media, she is the person to ask.


EFCL Offices:

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Edmonton, AB
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P: +1.780.437.2913
F: +1.780.437.4710

Hours: Mon to Fri, 8:30 to 4:30