Active, engaged and passionate about their communities and the city of Edmonton

On the right is Charles Simmonds who served as president of the EFCL for 13 years from 1648 to 1961. He also became an city alderman in 1953. The Charles Simmonds Park is located in the Belgravia community.

Throughout its history, the EFCL Board has been filled by some of the most well-known movers and shakers in Edmonton. What is truly amazing is the men and women who've sat on the board, did/do so voluntarily because they believed in the community league movement and all that it has (and continues to) accomplished.


The EFCL is governed by a 12-person board of directors, with one director elected by community leagues in each of 12 districts. All volunteers, the board members select the officers (president, vice-president external, vice-president internal and treasurer) from amongst themselves.


Our board members are community league enthusiasts. They are actively involved with their own community leagues and believe that when neighbours come together to create healthier, safer and more connected communities, they are in reality, building a greater city for all. 


They bring a wealth of talent, knowledge and connections to the EFCL Board. Their duties are varied, ranging from consulting with leagues and liaisoning with the city to governance and planning, leading various committees and connecting with like-minded groups, plus promoting the community league movement.


Learn more about becoming a member of the EFCL Board of Directors and what districts are currently open.

Meet the current EFCL Board Members

Jesse Watson - District A

Jesse Watson

Jesse became the Castle Downs/Calder (A) representative in Oct. of 2014. He is an active member in his own league of Calder and has a background in economics, planning and Heritage Conservation. 

Leanne Rosinski - District B

Leanne Rosinski

Leanne is the representative for District Londonderry (B) and has volunteered in her community for over 13 years. She is the President of McLeod and Vice President of Area Council 17. Leanne has a teaching background and holds a Master of Laws. She is currently working in the labour relations field. 

EFCL Logo - District C is currently vacant


District C

The district representative for Clareview/Horse Hill is currently vacant.

Trevor Eliott - District D

Trevor Eliott

Trevor represents District West Edmonton (D) and hails from La Perle Community League. 

Fraser Porter - District E

Fraser Porter

Fraser is the president of the EFCL and represents District Jasper Place (E). She is Treasurer of the North Glenora Community League. Fraser has called Edmonton home since 2002.

Rocky Feroe - District F

Raquel Feroe

“Rocky” (as she likes to be known) is the representative for District Downtown (F) February 2018. A past EFCL board member, Rocky has recently been part of the Green Leagues Team and hopes to bring that work further into alignment with the other ways the EFCL works to support communities. 

Liz John-West - District G

Liz John-West

Liz is the representative for Alberta Avenue (District G). Liz lives with her family in the Alberta Avenue neighbourhood for the past 10 years and  is the treasurer of the  Community League. Edmonton has been her home for the past 35 years. She loves to go for walks in her neighbourhood and have dinner at the many restaurant found on 118 Ave.

Ryan Barber - District H

Ryan Barber

Ryan became the Terwillegar/Riverbend/Windermere (District H) representative in November 2016. He brings a strong community based policy background to the EFCL board. An active volunteer, Ryan actively works to encourage safe, healthy and vibrant communities within District H and the Capital Region. He is our VP External.

Leanne Kohn - District I

Leanne Kohn

Leanne is the representative for Greater Strathcona - District I. She has served on Parkallen Community League's board for several years in a variety of positions, from park redevelopment and programs to her current role as president.

Gavin Martinson - District J

Gavin Martinson

Gavin is the District South East (J) representative. Community-minded and a dedicated family man, he is also on the board for Fulton Place Community League.

Masood Makarechian - District K

Masood Makarechian

Masood is the representative for Whitemud East - District K and the Treasurer. 

Michelle Gosselin - District L

Michelle Gosselin

Michelle is the representative for District Mill Woods/Meadows (L). Michelle is active in the development of playgrounds and Community Land Development in Summerside where she has been President of the Community League for the last 6 year's. She is excited to help the EFCL grow and expand its vision in Edmonton.


EFCL Offices:

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